How I Started Writing

I Started writing at the recommendation of a friend. It started as just a love for anime when she introduced me to fan fictions. That stemmed from my love of reading and role-playing with her. I began writing alongside her in one of my first fan fictions ever. Since then it’s been something I do as I breathe.

What Inspires Me To Write

A lot of my inspiration happens when I’m listening to music or asleep. Although a new environment also helps. My first inspiration actually came from the Harry Potter Series. I was simply just writing fan fiction before then, but upon reading what is the 5th book in the series when I was in the fifth grade i discovered that I wanted to do more than just create characters in worlds that Β already existed. I wanted to create new worlds and adventures with my own mind and words. I want to create an escape for others as well. A place where the reader can hide from the everyday struggles of the world.