Lack of Posts and Updates.

I know awhile back I said I would update more often. I had a few unforseen circumstances. I recently moved to a new home as there were some financial issues I was unable to deal with. However, now that I've finally settled into my new living so space I'm working on a schedule that will … Continue reading Lack of Posts and Updates.


Chapters 1-7 for High School Hearts are up. I'm sorry it took so long to get 7 upive been dealing with some things over the past week or so. I also didn't really have a phone for awhile which is how I update. Again I'm sorry, but the link is up on my insta and … Continue reading Update

Wattys 2017

So I'm abck. After a long time of battling school and work. I've decided school, just isn't for me right now. Plus, I hate being stressed out and not having the strength, time, or will to look at my writing. So my story for the wattys will be a new one. At least to everyone … Continue reading Wattys 2017

Things to Not Ask a Writer

So it would seem I get the same questions over and over from the same people. And it's rather annoying. Anyway, thought I would make a small list of questions and statents I feel are the most annoying. Feel free to let me know of others you've gotten. No matter what art form you use. … Continue reading Things to Not Ask a Writer


I've been away for awhile. I've been dealing with work and school and I recently got myself a hamster. I apologise for not posting as much. As I'm writing this I've come down with something so I'm stuck in bed. I have,however, been trying to hand write everything until I'm ready to post. I even … Continue reading Update.

Something Inspiring.

So before we closed up at work today this woman came in with her daughter and her daughter's friend. And mind you I love seeing young people interact for some reason. Anyway, the girls reminded me a little of myself when I was their age. Full of energy and unable to contain it. And according … Continue reading Something Inspiring.

Writing Tools.

I use a variety of means to write. Whether it's on my laptop or in a notebook. Scrivener is my go to for writing on my laptop, before posting to Wattpad or other accounts. This excludes fanfiction. Those I will write in word, docs, or directly on the site. Anyway,I have just learned that not … Continue reading Writing Tools.


Just though I would share this. It's for RockStar. I'm using Scrivener to write it and it's the most satisfying program so far. Everything is where I need it to be and I don't have to worry too much about the word count. Because well of I were to do this in word I would … Continue reading Writing


So I was unable to complete 50,000 words in a month, but I figured as much. I'm not upset over it no. This just motivates me to work harder on what I'm doing. I'm already working on chapter 3 for my story. And for those reading it I'm quite certain they'll be very upset with … Continue reading NaNoWriMo?


So, it seems doing NaNo is actually a bit more complicated for me this year. But I'm  not giving up. Everyday I check the required word count I find myself falling farther and farther behind. Work takes up a good chunk of my schedule and then there's school. Yet, I'm doing everything I can to … Continue reading Discouraged…?