Story postings and view counts

I normally don’t mention my view counts, but I’m in a bit of shock right now. See I use several different platforms for posting my stories ( wattpad being one of them). Today I logged into an account I haven’t been on since the beginning of November because I’ve been busy and the site doesn’t have an app I can just pull up on the go. Anyway, I noticed my view counts vary on different sites for everything. 
As many of you know I’m writing Forest Moon. I’ve posted this story on Wattpad, Quotev, Mibba, and Table. I did not post it to penned as penned is more of a short story platform allowing for only a certain number of words per chapter (really annoying for novelists). Thought I’d just show you all how the story stacked up on different sites. The view counts are as follows:

Wattpad: 19 (across 3 chapters)

Quotev: 107 (just the prologue)

Mibba: 0 (prologue is the only thing up)

Tablo: 62.8% (prologue and chapters 1-2 posted 2 days ago, also this # is the popularity of the book based on reads and shares)

Mind you I’ve used all the same tags across all platforms. Wattpad is always my go to for writing since it’s more mobile than Quotev. I don’t have to open a browser to update. Tablo I haven’t really used as well because I haven’t had the time to continuously sit at my lap top and only the ios version of the app will allow you to add more to your book. I believe Mibba lost its popularity a while back, but sometimes it’s nice to have that extra platform. With this though I think it’s more of a platform thing for writers and readers. I find more fanfiction readers on Wattpad lately than those. Looking for something original. Quotev has often been the same where my fanfiction get more views than the originals which is why I’m so surprised at the differentiating results. I’m proud of myself for accomplishing even this much. It’s a small step but it’s a step that’s getting me somewhere. 


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