Using Models

In the little time I’ve been writing. I’ve never used a model. I’ve never looked at a person and gone “hey, I’d love to make them a character in a story”. As of today that has changed.  Anyone who know me knows music plays a big role in my writing process. So it’s no surprise that a majority of the people i follow are musicians. A couple days ago I showed my best friend a picture of one. I told her : “He’d make a really great character. I just don’t know how to ask without sounding creepy”. With her help we came up with a not so creepy way of asking to use him. Today we got our answer. And I’m excited. The whole point of me explaining this is to ask for those who do write. Is it easier to use a model or easier to come up with your characters appearance? And for those who read do you prefer to have a picture idea of what the character should look like or do you like to use your imagination? Also, I’m sorry for the lack of updates. Again I’ve been very busy with my new job. And since I’m here now. I’m going to work on two stories instead of just RockStar like I have been for so long now. This is because I prefer quality chapters so there’s no relltelling when I’ll have an update. At least this way you get something to look at when I’m not working in the one.


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