A Bit About RockStar

I started RockStar when I was in my Senior year of High School. The Second half of it. The idea came from a classmate who also suggest we add the band Pierce the Veil as the Darker Dayz’s idols. That idea has since fell through. When I first started writing said classmate was supposed to help me. Well I pitched the topic to my best friend and little sister in art class. Within five seconds we had tossed several ideas back and forth. Since then i had re-written chapter one alone. Neither of us liking what we had started out with. Each of the characters carries at least one aspect from each of us. These characters are our babies. We love them. And at the moment i want to slap one of them into another universe. Yet still we strive to make each chapter better than the last. 

Each character has their own internal and external struggle. Some of them more awful than others. Everyone handles things differently. I do not condone a lot of the things inside the story (ie: self harm, alcohol abuse, rape, incest, etc). However, things like this exist in the world. The biggest part of the story centers on Marie’s struggle with her depression. For a lot of people depression is suffocating. I suffer it myself and my best friend who I love entirely suffers it worst than me. Most often it goes unnoticed and in worst cases ends in suicide. Depression is a nightmare for those suffering it. With this story I’m doing the best I can for all fighting with it to show how this illness breaks you down and tears you apart from the inside out. I want others to know that they’re not alone,  but I also want those who don’t understand depressions to see what it’s like fot some who deals with it on a daily basis. 


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