Still Rather New To This

First off I want to say Hello and thank you for actually taking the time to look at my page. The whole reason I started this site was so that I would have somewhere to reach everyone who reads my writings. Yes, I know there are plenty of social media platforms, but a lot of the sites I use to post my writings do not link up with a lot of those social sites. Here I can connect with my readers no matter what social platform they’re using. That being said I will also occasionally post excerpts to things I’m writing. I’ll answer any questions that anyone may have. There is also the possibility that I’ll post any hand drawn artwork I’ve done or costumes I’ve put together for my characters. If there’s anything you’d want to see me do tell me. I’m open to new ideas and criticism, after all what is a writer without their readers. I post across several platforms and am not limited to my own original writings. Sometimes a Fanfiction is needed. I am a very avid fiction reader so if you think there’s something I’d love to read tell me as well.

Anyway, this is where you’ll find me amongst a host of other sites that are linked here. Thank you for your time and patience.

-Paper Sound


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